Choose A Real Estate Person To Be In Your Corner

Dated: 02/02/2017

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When buying a home its very important you find a Realtor you can trust! Your not only searching for a big investment.  We are helping

 you with important paperwork.  I cannot stress how the match between the client and the agent and even the agent and how they know

how to do the paperwork.  Could decide if you win or loose a home? Just think about it the next time your decide to choose someone! 

Dont just choose someone because the drive or dress the way you think they should.. Test them.. do they answer you late at night? do you feel

they will represent you all times of the day? ask them questions hard questions? do they answer? email text? if they dont answer you at night, morning, and noon?

they are not going to answer another agent, or get your paperwork done on time.  This could be that you just may not win in a battle over a home! You need someone

that puts you first.  I will always put you first! HOMES BY ANN is a family, OUR clients know that no matter what I am doing if I dont know the answer, I get it.  My clients are

my family and We will get thru every deal together! Call me for that winning offer, home deal together! TODAY! 330-412-9799

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Ann Norton

I am dedicated to you! I will give you a 100% all of the time day or night! I will get you the house you want for the price you want! I will sell your house and get it done quickly! I think outside th....

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