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People always talking about we need to make this country great and take pride in what we are and what we do. Well this past month has made me lose faith in what America says they believe in. I watched our own history be thrown in our faces by tearing down statues of some of the people that made this country what it is today. Yes I said it. Look back in history, the Confederacy was not about racism, it was about a belief and a way of life. It wasn't about slavery, it was about too much government control. This country was founded on Rebels. Rebel blood runs through most of our veins. Why do we measure ourselves by how we come together as a country when there is a catastrophe or disaster. We should come together like this all the time. I believe in Freedom of speech, but in all honesty, it has been way over played. When the leader of our country is ridiculed by the press in such a demeaning manor, what does that say about us? When we riot against him coming to an area, what does that say about us? Of course other countries are laughing at us and making threats towards us. We are a country divided more now than we were during the Civil War. 

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