The Deer Head Lurking In The Corner Is What Said The Realtor ® No Way

Dated: 10/29/2015

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One of the experiences of looking at homes with a Realtor is the surprises you see, around each and every corner or a home.  We see everyone’s dirty laundry.  WE see how someone lives.  WE see how they clean.  WE see how they take care of their family.  Most of all we see their heart.  Their Home.  I wish no matter how big or small that the home is priced.  They consider consulting with a professional.  One that is not afraid to tell them.  Hey let’s do this and how about that.  So there most precious gift there home is seen in the best light.  Or how about you rearrange, take down those 250 magnets off that refrigerator.  Let’s see those nice appliances you paid for.  Everyone loves to see you love your children.  But not when you’re selling your home.  We need to see the walls, the (bones) so try to take down the last 11 years and its ok to leave 1 or 2 up of the family.  It’s hard to see past a lot of the history in your 600 sq. foot home.  IF you use a Realtor who speaks up your home will sell.  How about opening up those curtains and showing those wonderful windows you paid for. Those were a huge expense you paid for.  (It’s a nice way to say let’s get the Windex out time to clean them)  I find that changing the words around   just a bit, I usually get my way on some things... However it’s the occasional deer head that those bull headed hunter’s won’t let go of.  You know who I am talking about!! I loose sometimes too.  Every homes has a buyer.  Even on the deer heads.  So when thinking about selling your home. Think can I take this down put it away and pack it.  One less thing to do, when it sells…. Right. So go ahead and do it. Because the next sale is right around the corner.  Till next time!  

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