What I Learned From My 7 Year Buyers

Dated: 11/18/2015

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So your going what 7 year buyers!   Yes I just closed my buyers from 7 years this week.  First lets say they were one happy family!!! They were on and off buyers, and One were they had lost a deal way back in the first stages of looking.. One where I said.. if its ment to be. You will get the home.  If not guess what its not.  Well it was not ment to be.  He was transferred for work not to long after that.  But most Realtors.. would be upset lost commissions, time lost showing houses.. I dont work like that.. things always work out if you do the right thing.  They told friends about us.. who did buy a home from us.  IN the later time.. They would keep in touch. I love this. Makes you feel good. You know your doing the right thing.  :) I finally got the call they were looing to move.  How exciting.  it was 7 years later.  TO be thought of 7 years later, puts a smile on my face and warmth in my heart.  We looked and looked and found a great first time home for this amazing family.  HOWEVER WHAT I LEARNED...

In todays market.. offer price..with the way the houses are flying off the market.  if you go in offering a crazy low price or too much off, asking for crazy things.. you set the tone to the seller.  IF you go in realistic and smart you set a better tone.. for instance.. we did our homework.. we knew this home was unique.. new to the market and mulit offers coming in.. offered full price need closing cost.. Because we may need some repairs after a home inspection(we hoped not) but what if?? And boy did we.. WE needed the electric box.and a septic repair.. 

Not one problem.. WHY a great Listing agent.. YES actually a deal where 2 people worked together to get the deal done:) and selleres that wanted to sell their home.  Buyers that didnt ask for everything on a home inspection report only the fire hazzards and unexpected septic repair.

Its things like this ... that keep me smiling saying I LOVE MY JOB!! Always work with a REALTOR that knows what there doing it makes a difference! 

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