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Dated: 07/09/2018

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Looking for Fun, Frugal or Ways to save some COLD CASH? Try some of these FRUGAL TIPS! WE all know how hard saving for

the down payment, emergency fund, or Maybe you just want to cut back! Try it out! I personally like to Save money so watch my blog for tips!

Saving Money or Free Things to Do!
Camp in
Go to the Park
Paint a Picture
Watch the sunrise
Watch the stars at night(on a blanket)
Bake cookies
Play Cards
Game Night
Movie Night (At home)
Kids baking Contest
Parents Baking Contest
Fly a Kite
Treasure a Hunt
Free concerts(like downtown, parks etc)
library(can rent movies, book even bikes and wifi)
go to a public beech

Best of all this includes time with loved ones, friends or Family! Saving money, and you are putting that towards paying your debt, 

or your NEW🏠 HOME! Have fun!

As always we are here for you! 

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