Buying A HOME With No Money And Poor Credit

Dated: December 10 2018

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We are the Dream Makers.. we will help you find a wayto own a home..  We have helped over 40 people in the last 365 days who have been told "no" by other lenders, Realtor's and just about every other source out there!

First You need to stop having your credit pulled!!!  There is no one that can fix it.. Magically!! BUT.. is there some fast easy tips and can we do what others have not been able to do fast and quick.. YES! Why you say.. because.  

1. I care, I am honest.  I make this my specialty and I believe everyone deserves a home.

2. I have lenders willing to do the time with us.

So here are some things to get started.. then after if you want pick up that phone or text me.. we can chat.. more 330-412-9799Ann or 330-412-7413 Josh

Private Home Loans

You can get a Private home loan, hard money home loan, but.. there are strict requirements.  These lenders, want to see that your stable, dependable income and can pay these loans back and often your going to pay much higher for these 15-20 % down and your rate will be higher than the average.

Find Lenders with Simpler Requirements

Usually there is nothing you can do to sway a lender requiring a down payment however sometimes you can sway the high rates.  you can shop these lenders and trade off on the options.  Your ability to come up with the large down payment removes the risk of the lower credit score.. or maybe lack of job time or judgment or lien that is holding you back. 

Borrow The Down Payment

You can actually borrow the down, but the lender will still check your credit history out.  When applying for a poor credit mortgage this check is not in -depth but this means qualify for loan you even if you have other things outstanding.  

*** we also have a option that allows you to add a borrow to the loan if you qualify that only keeps them on the loan for  a short term then releases them after so long.. but this requires you to be in that 570ish range.. ... limited down money.. its a great option.. and for someone to go on the loan its a terrific option to get you in a home and most will do know that it does not tie them up forever like before.*** best part is we can explain it to them...

Consolidate your debt Pay down your credit  and improve your score

if you have poor credit and not much money to put down.. first you should reach out to us.. WE can come up with a game plan.. We dont charge you anything .. that is how you know we are in it for you!!  

That absolute best option may be for you to consider to start to pay down your credit cards and get your debt down a little and consolidate some of that debt.. Thus improving scores up to 25-60 pts quickly..   

For more things you can do.. be sure to watch our BLOG, follow my facebook page GO HERE NOW 

I want nothing more than to help you and I will just like I did with the 40 others, Some were in the 400 range on credit..  they bought in 30-60 days other are buying in 6 months. it just depends.. were your at in story.. the best part is your story will end with a HOME! I promise.. I will help you! Ann 

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Ann Norton

I am dedicated to you! I will give you a 100% all of the time day or night! I will get you the house you want for the price you want! I will sell your house and get it done quickly! I think outside th....

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