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Dated: November 9 2018

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We🙌 have a new way tosearch for a Home! Our Map🗺 Radius search is now Active and its the latest greatest way to find🏠 homes.

We all want to be able to find our dream home, in the areas we are looking! WE have the tools to do that! Be sure to try itout today!

Follow these easy steps today!

so go to click the   here   ➡  website  then 

Image title


Then put in the area (I) find County is enough to narrow it down

then be sure to ...


under "view" be sure to hit Map!

Image title

Then go the space below minus sign and hit that see arrow( 1.)

This will allow you to draw a line which will allow you to draw lines to where ever you want (cool) right! Now you can find homes on the 

Map a new cool way to search for homes! 

Image title

Did you know🤔  Our lenders can do limited credit, credit in the 500-600😯 range and no money down loans?? best part with the holidays🎅🎄?? No payment till Feb 1st!!! 2018

So what are you waiting for? Fill out the fast form today! click here now 👈👈

As Always Call📞 with any questions or to see any Home anytime!

Ann Norton 330-412-9799

Josh Twitchell 330-412-7413

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Ann Norton

I am dedicated to you! I will give you a 100% all of the time day or night! I will get you the house you want for the price you want! I will sell your house and get it done quickly! I think outside th....

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