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Dated: April 21 2018

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Did you Know WE do Credit Repair So you can Buy A Home Fast sometime in 30 days?

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Everyone deserves a HOME

Here are the most Common Errors on A Credit Report That can raise your score several points Often helping you purchase a HOME!

Identity information– Ensure that your name, address and social security number are accurate.  (Happens a lot with a Sr.Jr)

Accounts– Check each account to ensure that it is truly yours. Identity theft is another common reason for errors in a credit report.

Status– Check that the status of each account (open or closed) is listed correctly.

Delinquent accounts– Verify that an account listed as delinquent is delinquent.

Dates– Each account should list when the account was opened, closed and the date of the last payment. Ensure these dates are correct.

Double entries– Dispute any debt that is listed more than once, even if they have different account names or different creditor names.

Corrected information– If you’ve received a correction to a previous dispute, ensure that the information in the current report remains corrected.

Balances and limits– Check all the outstanding balances and credit limits to ensure they’re correct.

As Always, we are are to help you with Fixing your Credit! Free Our Goals are your Goals purchasing a Home and we have a Team of Experts in Place for you! Feel free to call us anytime! Email us or reach out to us! We are here for you!

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