Fast Tips To Raise Your Credit Score To Purchase A HOME

Dated: 05/17/2018

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We often get asked what can I do? My score is so close? I get told no all the time? I need to move from this neighborhood? There is so much miscommunication out there.  I am here to help you get the story straight!

SO, you can and will purchase a home in the next 30-90 days!

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1.  First where is your score at? Have you filed bankruptcy in the last 2 years? If the answer is no move to step2

2.  Check your free credit report! Here

Are there any errors on it? (a JR or a SR if your names are the same) Items you have paid on that are not showing, creditors that are not even on there that you owe (for example you owe Lowe’s, and now it’s in another name) you can dispute that! Many other common mistakes contact us to hear more.

3.  Is your score in that stuck bubble 500-600 and not moving? It may be time to get a secured credit card?

Do you know which one reports to all 3? It can raise your score 20-40 pts in as little as 45 days if used right! Sometimes pushing you over the edge to purchasing a home

4.  Double Entries on your credit report, make sure only one item is listed and if any different you dispute it.

5.  Don’t Change jobs or address this can often drop your credit score

6.  Be on TIME!  Set up a reminder and pay your bills on time. (sounds simple right) but life can get in the way get a simple app on your phone and set it 7 days in advance remind you! It’s the little things.                                                                         

If you have not applied for a home mortgage yet, you may want to HERE

EVERYONE deserves a HOME! 

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We offer several other tips to continue to grow your Credit this is just a snapshot!

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