Hidden Home Buying Cost Save Big Money Know The Facts

Dated: 05/29/2018

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When you are buying a Home, it can be difficult enough to get pre-approved.  When your weighing in on Mortgage options and purchase price.  Here are a few details to consider.


Your lender will require an appraisal, and the appraisal fee (400-500) comes out of your pocket.


The few hundred of dollars you’ll pay on a home inspection is money well spent.  But its something to keep in mind during the purchase process.  (this is not mandatory) However this can give you peace of mind knowing the “honey to do list” and any major issues, while your making a solid investment.


Although homeowner’s insurance is most always added to the payment and put into your escrow account. this is something you will be asked to do right from the start.  TO shop around for.  Sometimes you will have to pay out of pocket expenses to get your payment where you want it. Changing your automobiles etc.

Home Owners Association

If your living in a property or community with shared spaces, you’ll most certainly have a HOA fee.  This pays for things like maintenance of common areas, and for recreational things.  Entrances of allotments and lights.

Moving Expenses

Its sometimes can cost you some money to turn Utilities on in your name.  Change over cable etc.  Keep in mind if your having a moving company help you.  I would save for this added expense otherwise you can start to get free boxes at local grocery stores, fruit stands and drug stores to help with your packing. 

Remember moving and expenses can add to your stress.  But really with the right TEAM in place it can cost very little, and we can help explain it further.  We just want you to be aware, so you can prepare and have knowledge of what can happen.   WE are here to help you have the very best experience

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