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This market is ridiculous crazy. I haven't been this busy in a while. I mean sun up to sun down, I am running around. Only problem is, the last time i was doing this, I was selling houses 4-5 a week. This crazy market is a little different, because now the number of houses on the market is way less than the hungry buyers, and I'm running around showing the same buyers homes because we are in multiple offers on everything. And it's not like the buyers are not trying to buy the homes, it's just people are writing ridiculously higher offers. I like the rush and the negotiations, but I also don't want my buyer getting into something that is going to hurt them in the long run. If we are not careful, we are going to head into another 2007-2013. I feel that, yes homes have come up in value, but this market needs to slow itself or we may be in for a huge awakening. 

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Josh Twitchell

I have a background in construction and a BA in Marketing. I have done just about every part of building a house. As a buyer, I can help you recognize what to look for in your dream home and things ....

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