New Homeowner What Do I Need Tools And What Not

Dated: October 27 2018

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Are you a "New Homeowner" Or going to be? Do you have any idea what tools you will need? this simple list can come in handy.. as your shopping, the bargains, or looking at garage sales!

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1. Phillips& Flat head Screwdrivers

2. Tape Measure

3. Level

4. Crescent Wrench

5. Power Drill

6. Pliers

7. Hammer

8. Nail Set

9. Utility Knife

10. Flash light

11. Extension Cord

12. Ladder and or step stool

13. Stud finder

14. tool box

Now this is just a very basic list.. but one if your used to living at home, or renting you may not have on hand. Something to think about! Happy Home Owning!

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