Saving Energy And MONEY Tips You Need And How To Do It

Dated: 11/01/2018

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With the energy 💡Cost RISING! Who doesn't want to save money💰?

Some tips for you!

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1. Install dimmer switches

2. switch your energy provider

3. Conduct an energy audit

4. Dry more of your clothes on a line

5. Unplug things that are not in use or when your done using them.

6. Don't leave water running when brushing teeth, or washing dishes.

7. use lamp efficient energy

8. Wash laundry in a lower temp when you can

9. switch lights off

10.close the door to leave the heat in.

11.  keep blinds and curtains closed

12. wrap up in warm clothes instead of turning heat up.

13. get an energy monitor

14. schedule the bigger chores at night.

Hope some of these you find useful. I know some of these I try to do each and everyday. Some are harder than others! But every little bit will help you SAVE the money...

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