Selling A Home With The Tree Up

Dated: 12/03/2015

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Is it possible for a home to sell with all the Christmas stuff around? One may think that it looks great. Another may think it looks like Christmas just exploded in your yard!

Which is the right thing to do! Well first you must make sure your home is open and inviting! Make sur your entrance is friendly and free from any and all obstructions. A nice warm welcome wreath.

A beautiful smell coming from inside who can resist. But please this is not a time to have every yard decoration in the world out. But your Realtor will be honest and say... Hey maybe take these down. Rearrange those. Its

Hard because there like family. BUT we know best. Then walking in thru the door. Make sure the extra decorations you have. That they don’t add clutter. That they are bright, cheerfuland classy. Have the fireplace lit if there is one, fresh baked something if possible. Always a mat for wet boots. Have all windows and curtains open to allow all the light to shine thru. (Remember that it gets dark and dreary on most winter days) turn on all the Christmas decorations, a nice quite radio playing soft very soft music. And have every light in the house on. Keep the home clutter free. Fresh smelling. Mirrors shinny. Most of all a Merry Christmas SOLD sign is the best sign to put out for Christmas. Happy holidays. Feel free to ask us how to help you sell your home with your TREE up today! Ann Norton 330-412-9799

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