Some Tips To Get You HOME Buyers Ready With Your Credit

Dated: 01/28/2019

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Some quick and easy things to keep in mind if you want to purchase a 🏡home by Spring!

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⭐If your like everyone else and used your credit card.. start to pay it down under 50% then get it to 20% of the credit limit (asap) example if limit is $1000 get it to $200 

⭐Did you know our lenders can do a loan at 575 credit score?  You need to be current on your bills. 

Some medical is ok! A job and or disability paid.. (yes you can buy a home with disability!)

⭐Did you know that I do FREE credit repair!! So contact me (ANN Norton 330-412-9799) I have OHIO CREDIT REPAIR on Facebook 

⭐Did you know that most all of my buyers only need 1000-4000 of a down payment depending on area, and type of home they are buying.. so tax time is one of the best times

to get ready to purchase.

We can get your credit cleaned up and you ready to buy even if your scores are in the 450-550 range in time for spring.. so be sure to call me right away.

but.. some simple things to do.. 

⭐Ask for a grace late fee to be removed

⭐get bills negotiated down(but if you do get it in writing first and dont pay till you do) any questions ask me!

⭐Clean up old accounts of your credit report to get your numbers to rise

⭐save up money to purchase a home

Remember we are on the same team.. be upfront and honest with us.. we want to help you.. usually anything with credit we can do fast and quick if you tell us.. let us help you!

Ann Norton 330-412-9799

Josh Twitchell 330-412-7413

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Ann Norton

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