Dated: 04/01/2016

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I have noticed something that has been increasing over the last few years. It not only happens with the new Realtors, I have noticed it happen with the seasoned vets. When I go show a house, I admit, sometimes I don't get all the facts about the home, but my smartphone can pull it up. Or if I really need to, I will phone the list agent for answers. However I have found that many don't even attempt to get the facts or do any homework about a property before showing it. I had a property with multiple parcels. Clearly shown in the MLS and prints onto the info sheet. However I can say that 45% of the agents never mentioned it to their clients. I would get feedback that the yard was too small, etc. I would then have to ask them if they knew of the other parcels to make up in yard size. I would get the, "No I did not know.". 

Again I admit, sometimes you are in a hurry and don't always get the facts. As agents that is our job. Buyers, as well as sellers, expect that from us. I know this crazy world is fast paced and all electronic, but personal touch is what this business is about. If we don't go the extra mile, or do some of the little things to help our clients, well, they may not be clients anymore. 

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I have a background in construction and a BA in Marketing. I have done just about every part of building a house. As a buyer, I can help you recognize what to look for in your dream home and things ....

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