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Dated: 01/24/2016

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As a Realtor I often tell my sellers.  The first thing you need to do is walk thru the front door and look at from a buyer's prospective.  Feel it as if your not in your home from day to day.  Feel it as if your buying your home for the first time.  Ok so is it cluttered? Is your home open and inviting? IS the area bright? do you have to many personal items? If you do now is the time to start to take those down and pack them away! Less is more!   Walk room to room do this everywhere.  Be sure you take the screen's out of the windows, clean the windows inside and out and be sure to do a nice dusting.  take the personal items out and ad a nice fresh scent but nothing overpowering.  lavender or a hint of mint is super friendly.  (you can get at any store) Hanging the mint and lavender near a open window or in winter near the blower of a heater vent is perfect or if you a diffuser for oils. better yet.  The feeling you get when those scents are in your home. Shows clean, healthy and full of love.  One a buyer would like to feel as they start to fall in love with your home.  Next make sure your kitchen is in top shape.  Clean all the counters off, leaving all the clutter out of sight.  Sometimes best to just have a container you take everyday items you use with you when a showing happens.  Next run your hand along the counter make sure nothing sticky or built up.  vinger and baking soda will get the heavy grind off.  Nexy make sure your floors all swept and clean up.  Next just make sure your basement is free and clear of all clutter, welcome the home.  Feel the home and experience your home as if your a buyer.  Step out of your seller shoes and walk in a buyer's shoes.... IT will help you sell your home! For more tips call Ann Norton 330-412-9799 Im here to make every home sale a good buying experience! 

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