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Top Reasons To Hire a Real Estate Agent

The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Agent when Buying a HomeYou may have heard headlines in the news lately about agents in the real estate industry and discussions about their commissions. And

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Overpricing Your Home Could Cost You!

Why Overpricing Your House Can Cost YouIf you’re trying to sell your house, you may be looking at this spring season as the sweet spot – and you’re not wrong. We

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Should You Buy Now? Yes!!!

Does It Make Sense To Buy a Home Right Now?Thinking about buying a home? If so, you're probably wondering: should I buy now or wait? Nobody can make that decision for you, but here's

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Get Your House Ready For Spring

1) DECLUTTER EVERY ROOM: Focus on one room at a time. Get rid of the things you no longer need or use and donate them for others to benefit from these items.2) EVALUATE YOUR CLOSET: If your like me,

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