Buyer Information: Home Buying Guidence

Guidance when buying your Home

Our website and property search is designed to allow you to be your own “Realtor”. Set up a personal Home finder account that matches your needs and get the alerts emailed to you the moment a home gets listed. This will include, foreclosures, other company’s listings, and any listing in the MLS. The only homes that this does not include are the homes listed for sale by owner if they don’t pay to put in the MLS. I am able to provide you with all information, services and it is advised one of us make the contact with the Seller and be with you when you look at the home. Just provide us with the phone number and or address. We will protect your interest in the buying procedure of the home.

We are fans of Zillow, Truila and the other sites out there for searching and helping you look as well. However these sometimes list a home in foreclosure by an owner just missing one payment. WE are foreclosure experts. We will do extensive research to help you find that home. Together we can do this. So we support any area you’re looking and welcome any address you would like us to verify and look up that you don’t find on our website as an active home.

Buying a home, rental, vacation, property chances are your value will increase. Leaving you with significant asset.

It’s advisable to take trips around neighborhoods you’re considering buying, you will get a sense of the community, location and the area surrounding the home. Go at a morning time, evening and a weekend time. This will allow you to see traffic patterns, how close business are to your locations you’re looking at and if the neighborhood will serve the purpose you’re looking for.

Searching for you property is more than cookies in the oven, new paint on the walls, fresh carpet smell. Our focus is to help you imagine all the possibilities of a home and the potential. Most important listen the sounds of the neighborhood as you explore the home, enjoy your experience and communicate your needs. We want you to join us and experience it for yourself. We promise you we are like no other Realtor. Thank you for allowing us an opportunity to be a part of your life’s journey. Ann & Josh

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