Things to Remember Before Going On Vacation

Turn off the water

Rather than turning off the supply to each individual sink and toilet, you can turn off the main supply to the house at one valve. This will ensure that you will not receive the unwelcome surprise of a burst pipe or leaking toilet when you get home.

Unplug electronics

On the final walk through, unplug the computers, televisions and any other accessories so they won’t be damaged in case of a surge caused by an electrical storm. If you have an automatic coffee maker, make sure it’s unplugged, too!

Turn DOWN your water heater, don’t turn it off

Check to see if your water heater has an idle or vacation setting. Turning a water heater back on after being shut off can cause some serious complications. Simply lower the temperature to save on energy.

Clear out the refrigerator

Vacation time is a good opportunity to take a hard look at the expiration dates on containers in your refrigerator. Discard anything that’s even close and make sure it goes out with the trash.

Have a quick meal ready in the freezer for the day you return

When you return home from vacation, you really do not want to have to go to the store to get food for dinner that evening Lasagna, enchiladas, pizza are easy and good-tasting meals to come home to.

Empty ALL trash

No one likes to walk into their home after vacation to an unpleasant odor you’ll avoid a smelly welcome, and keep your home free of trash-loving pests.

Give your house a quick cleaning

Yes, you’ve got a lot on your plate getting ready to go on vacation, but returning to a home free of clutter is a great welcome.

Stop delivery of mail and newspapers

Nothing says “We’re gone!” like a full mailbox and a few days’ worth of newspapers in the driveway. You can suspend mail delivery online and newspaper with a quick phone call.

Taking care of plants and pets

Because holidays are the time when most people take vacation, kennels fill up quickly. Make sure to make your reservations as soon as your vacation plans are locked in.

Turn the heat down, not off

Turning off the heat during the winter can cause pipes to break. It’s also more expensive to heat up a freezing house than to keep a house on the cool side and warm it up later.

Put lights on a timer

Leaving your home dark for days at a time advertises to everyone that you aren’t in town – Thieves are aware of small signs like this. You can pick up a timer at most hardware and home improvement stores. Connect a timer to a few lights around the home and your television.

Leave keys with a trustworthy neighbor or friend

If necessary, a neighbor can take a quick walk through to make sure there are no big disasters, such as a burst pipe, or handle issues if something does go wrong while you are away.

Nothing says “We’re gone!” like a full mailbox and a few days’ worth of newspapers in the driveway. You can suspend mail delivery online and newspaper with a quick phone call.

Close all blinds

This not only helps control the temperature, it is also a deterrent to unwelcome eyes taking a look to see if you’re away. Also good if you don’t normally close your blinds to do so about a month in advance every day more so than not to not draw attention to your home!

Make sure to lock everything

On your final walk-through, make sure all of the windows are locked. Check every entrance, including the garage door and basement. If you have a privacy fence, make sure to lock the gate.

Keeping your home safe gives you peace of mind while you’re on vacation. Once you have made it through the checklist, enjoy your vacation knowing your home will be ready and waiting upon return


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